The holidays are a great time of the year, you get to spend extra time with family and bring cheer to all. When thinking about the holidays most people only think about the final result but the holidays can be stressful. On top of everyday life you know you have to go shopping for presents, bake cookies, cook dinner and decorate! Here are some helpful tips to take a little stress out of and bring a little cheer to your holiday.

Here are some great easy ways to decorate your manufactured home this holiday season!

Instead of spending money on decorations work with things you already have
– Holiday Cards – Display the cards your loved ones send you. They are a great simple way to decorate your home from your friends and family
– Presents – Use the gifts you buy as decor. Instead of having them overflowing from the christmas tree, place them around your home.

Gather Pine Cones
– Pine cones are a great accent to any holiday decor, the best part is they are free and right outside your door. If you want to spice it up you can purchase a gold or silver spray paint and paint the pinecones to add color to your decor.
– You can even make a pine cone garland!

Ornaments don’t just have to be for the tree
– Ornaments bring holiday cheer. If you have extra ornaments, hang them throughout your home!
– Ornaments also make great centerpieces whether you put them in a tall glass container or lantern or if you put them on a platter.

Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon
– Around the holiday’s there is ribbon galore at every store. Tie some red ribbon on your couch pillows or back of dining room table chairs.
– Use Ribbon to hang ornaments throughout your manufactured home.
– Use ribbon on your tree!

No matter how you decorate this holiday season Arx Management wishes everyone a Happy Holiday and New Year!