Mobile homes were first built in America in the 1870s and were used as a vacation home or an affordable housing option. In the 1870s they were moved by horses and were built with a metal exterior. Throughout this time mobile homes have advanced with the technologies surrounding the housing industry.

Over the years the homes have changed dramatically. They have grown in size, changed in the materials being used to build the homes and even the codes to which the homes are being built. Many people consider mobile homes or trailers to be manufactured homes, but in reality mobile homes are no longer built today. Manufactured homes are homes built after 1976 which are built according to federal construction codes from Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The manufactured homes built today are factory built homes which are then transported to their destination. The homes are built with products found in local hardware stores. Each home is fully insulated and built just like a stick-built home. If you have not been in a manufactured home and still consider it to be a mobile home we invite you to come take a tour of one of our beautiful homes.