Making sure your home is ready for winter is an important task as a homeowner, this blog will give you some useful tips on what you have to do to have a happy holiday season.

1. Switch the rotation of the ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are installed spinning counterclockwise which pulls hot air up and pushes cool air down, cooling off your home. If you switch the rotation of your ceiling fan blades to spin clockwise they will pull the cloud air up and push the warm air into the room.

2. Run your faucets

If the area you are in is getting multiple days of below freezing weather, run your faucets overnight to avoid freezing pipes. Your faucets do not need to be fully on, but a spaghetti like stream will do the trick.

3. Replace any holes in skirting

If you are missing any skirting or if there is a hole it will release heat from the home. Skirting helps the home retain heat and prevents sleet, rain and snow from getting under the home.

4. Check heat tape

Make sure to check that the heat tape under your home is still working. To check the heat tape, plug it in and touch it, if the heat tape is warm then you are good to go.

If you do not have heat tape on the waterline of your home contact your community manager who can assist you in ordering it.