We create and manage attractive and affordable communities which residents are proud to call home. Sometimes even investing in previously neglected and derelict areas, we build healthy communities that function for the benefit of our residents and contribute to our residents’ lives positively. Our communities are places where residents from diverse backgrounds and of all ages live their best lives.

About Arx Companies

The staff at the Arx Companies strives to create well maintained, livable, and sustainable communities that meet the needs of residents. Arx Housing provides new and restored homes and builds communities that make a difference in people’s lives. Arx Management conducts day-to-day property management so that residents truly benefit from all the amenities outside their front door. Arx Capital provides acquisition, investment, and administrative oversight to create lasting and sustainable communities that provide a sense of place and comfort.

Our team

Nathan Jameson

Managing Director

Levi Jekel

Partner & Vice President of Operations

John Randolph Esq.

General Counsel

Celine Geigel

Senior Operations Manager

Jacob Curry

Financial Associate

Maria Denton

Executive Assistant

Arx Communities

Our communities are thoughtfully designed and located near shopping, restaurants, parks and lakes.. All communities offer convenient access to social and commercial services, schools, recreational activities, culture and entertainment venues, and city life.

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Professional staff, beautiful well taken care of community. It is very peaceful here, I love it and would recommend it to a anyone!

Ashley V.

Nice and quiet streets, large yards, friendly management. It is great to live in a place where my kids play safely in the yard

Eric H.

Neighbors are friendly and helpful. Community manager and maintenance staff are always there if you need something. My family and I enjoy living in this community.

George G.

Beautiful, peaceful community! Very friendly neighbors and staff.

Lee M.
Chesapeake Estate

This is a great place to call home. I have lived in this community for over 14 years, raised two daughters and could not imagine doing it anywhere else.

Scott Q.